P Muthukumaran and Associates

P Muthukumaran and Associates (PMK Associates) is an integrated corporate, Secretarial & Legal Services Firm, offering a One-Stop solution for all Corporate Compliances and Legal Requirements.

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IMPORTANT DATES : > Deposit of GST of May under QRMP scheme. : 25/06/2024      > Return for May by persons with Unique Identification Number (UIN) like embassies etc to get refund under GST for goods and services purchased by them. : 28/06/2024      > Return of Statutory Compliances within 90 days from the close of the first financial year after its incorporation and where applicable,the second financial year. : 29/06/2024      > Deposit of TDS u/s 194-IB @ 5% on total payment of Rent more than 50,000 pm by individual or HUF (not liable to tax audit) during FY 24-25, where lease has terminated in May. (Else TDS is to be deposited on annual basis by 30 April of next year.) : 30/06/2024      > Deposit of TDS on Virtual Digital Assets u/s 194S for May. : 30/06/2024      > Annual Return of Securities Transaction Tax by Listed Cos/Mutual Funds for FY 2023-24 . : 30/06/2024      > Application for registration/provisional registration, intimation, approval/provisional approval of Trusts etc. : 30/06/2024      > Application for conversion of provisional registration to regular or renewal of registration /approval after 5 years of registration /approval of Trust, institution, etc. : 30/06/2024      > Efiling of Annual Statement of Equalisation Levy for 2023-24. (Google Tax/Tax on Digital Ads by service recipient on payments above 1 lac to a foreign service provider) : 30/06/2024      > Online annual updation of IEC details . If no changes, confirm same online. Else IEC will be deactivated. : 30/06/2024      > Annual Return of Deposits by Companies other than NBFCs for FY 23-24. : 30/06/2024      > Director’s Disclosure of Interest and Non-disqualification by Companies. : 30/06/2024      > Holding of Board Meeting by Companies for Q1 . : 30/06/2024      > Quarterly return of non-deduction at source by banks from interest on time deposit for January-March quarter. : 30/06/2024      > Deposit of TDS u/s 194-IA on payment made for purchase of property in May. : 30/06/2024      > Deposit of TDS on certain payments made by individual/HUF u/s 194M for May. : 30/06/2024     

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P MUTHUKUMARAN AND ASSOCIATES (PMK Associates) is a leading integrated corporate, Secretarial & Legal Services Firm, offering a One-Stop solution for all Corporate Compliances and Legal Requirements.

We have a dedicated team of Company Secretaries, Legal Professionals and Cost Accountants who possess extensive experience in various corporate laws and commercial/legal documentation. Our team is highly business oriented in approach and has experience across various sectors and the acumen to provide complete solutions for all corporate Legal and secretarial matters. We are actively servicing a number of Indian and multinational companies in matters of corporate and legal advisory, taxation and accounting issues across various sectors. The combined work experience of Team is more than 90 years.

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Our Services

Corporate Law

Secretarial Practice System (Setting up Compliance Management System under the Corporate Laws in accordance with Corporate Governance norms).

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Amalgamations. Group Reorganization, Succession Planning. Deal Structuring, Negotiation & Joint..

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Labour Laws

Advising on Employment Strategy and Documentation like Company Policies, Stock Options & Share Plans..

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FEMA Services

Advising on Business Structure, Approval for setting up Liaison, Project and Branch office..

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Intellectual Property Rights

Registration of Trade Mark / Copy Right / Industrial Design / Patent / Brands.

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Foreign Trade Services

Assisting on obtaining the registration under the Foreign Trade Laws..

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